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About my last exhibition in PARIS Montmartre July 2009

Not! Simply the nomber of visitors who took the time to pay attention to the 42 canvas from Jacques Guignard, also known as "JG". These were shown from the 3rd though the 10th of July, in the St Pierre room of Montmartre, off place du Tertre in PARIS.

"It was a great succes for me. I had the pleasure of meeting people from the entire world, from the Americas, russia, Australia, Korea, Japan and Viet-Nam as well as from all over Europe. I was surprised to notice a similar reaction reaction to my paintings, irrelevant of the origin and culture of the visitors... They all told me they had never seen anything like it." (JG).

It is true that one had never before seen flower people on a bicycle, dancing the tango and the waltz, visiting parisian monuments or playing cello. In the guest book where everyone commented their emotions in discovering the unusual work, the same words, originality, colors and shapes, poetry...keep coming back.

They also mention the welcome reserved by the painter himself who insist on conviviality. Not only could we admire his work, but also enjoy locally produced Sancerre wines and Chavignol goat cheese, Pouilly Fume, Cremant de Loire, a very welcomed touch on this beautiful sunny day. Everything had gathered to assre success to this unique exhibition.


It was also honored by renowned artists, such as Jeannine PATHE LANCRY, JAHB, Marion DANION, Marcel de VILLEMOISSON, Patrice de la PERRIERE, Director of Univers des Arts review, Daniel CHUDET, Art critic of Côté Arts review and the poet Georges ARSENIJEVIC.

< Patrice de la PERRIERE, Dirctor of Univers des Arts review

Daniel CHUDET, Art critic Côté Arts review >

< Marcel de VILLEMOISSON, Painter and France Monde
Culture’s President

During these 8 days of exhibition, Jacques Guignard receive many of his friends as well as collectors of his work.

JAHB Painter and his husband

>Marion DANION, Painter


< Mr & Miss LUTIGNIER, Collectors

< Georges WEILL Painter

< Mme Jeannine PATHE - LANCRY, Painter,
Présidente de la section Beaux Arts de
la Société Nationale d’horticulture de France


< Daniel LUCAS, Painter, Vice-Président de l’Academie Européenne des Arts France; (A.E.A.F.)

"I am a painter, lucky to have been surronded with many friends and to have introduced to a large audience this new style I call "poetic surrealism". Everyone may escape the daily routine for a moment and instead dream of the humanity that would be satisfied in being simply as beautiful as flowers". (JG).

After a short and disappointing visit of what has become Place du Tertre, the Sacré Coeur and the church of Saint Pierre de Montmartre, to walk through this exhibition of the flower people by "JG", all visitors surely could add to their memories of their journey through beautiful France and Monmartre, so filled with the history of painting art.


"JG" upcoming exhibits:

In his studio 7 rue des Hôtelleries 58400 La Charité sur Loire FRANCE this summer and in september 2013 Gallery Wilson 2 cours Général de Gaulle Wilson place 21000 Dijon France

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